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Bone Morphogenic Protein in Vienna, VA

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Patients who have bone loss in the jaw due to periodontal (gum) disease, missing teeth, or jaw injuries may lack the bone level necessary to support dental implants. Thanks to modern surgical techniques, we can regrow jawbone tissue to allow for implant placement and improve the function and appearance of your smile. Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) is one such technique board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Michael Kuzmik incorporates into bone grafting and jawbone reconstruction procedures. BMP is a component naturally occurring in the human body. In this case, BMP is genetically manufactured to mimic the natural protein and elicit the growth activity of bone-building cells (osteoblasts).

Dr. Kuzmik uses BMP during surgical procedures, like tooth extractions, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts, to encourage bone regrowth and provide the support that dental implants need to function properly. If you require a bone graft, tooth extractions, or dental implant placement, schedule an appointment at Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA to learn if BMP is right for you.

Best Candidates

Patients who have bone loss in the jaw, require tooth extractions, and those undergoing procedures for dental implant surgery may be ideal candidates for BMP. Since BMP signals your body to stimulate new growth of your own bone tissue, the need for harvesting bone grafting samples from your chin, shin, hip, or other areas is greatly reduced. Choosing BMP for your procedure can also minimize treatment risks, healing time, and treatment costs. BMP is not ideal for patients who are medically compromised, women who are pregnant or nursing, or women who may become pregnant within the next year.

What to Expect

BMP is incorporated into bone grafting procedures to enable the placement of dental implants and in jawbone reconstruction surgeries. BMP is created using a small sample of your own bone tissue, typically taken from within the bone grafting site. However, BMP may also be derived from allograft bone tissue (bone sourced from another human or bone bank). During your consultation, we can determine which method is best for your procedure based on your oral health needs and preferences. Dr. Kuzmik will take iCat™ cone beam imaging scans to plan your treatment and determine where to use BMP in your jaw.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Kuzmik will numb the treatment site with local anesthetic and can provide sedation dentistry services to increase your comfort if needed. He will then soak a biocompatible and dissolvable collagen sponge with the BMP solution and place it on the bone tissue within your treatment sites. A titanium mesh will be positioned to cover the sponge and grafting material and to hold the space for new bone growth. The area will be given time to heal and recover. The new bone tissue will integrate seamlessly with existing tissue to restore bone quality and quantity to your jaw.


You may have some minor discomfort and swelling following your BMP and bone grafting procedure. Dr. Kuzmik and our surgical staff will provide you with home care and recovery instructions and may recommend over-the-counter pain medications and cold compresses to improve your comfort. We will schedule a follow-up visit in our Tysons Corner office so that Dr. Kuzmik can check your healing. Once your treatment sites have completely healed, usually after about six months, Dr. Kuzmik will take another iCat scan of the area to evaluate the level of bone growth and health of your jaw. He will then determine if the sites are ready to receive dental implants and schedule your implant surgery accordingly.

Insurance Coverage

BMP may be a covered benefit, depending on your individual insurance provider and plan. Before starting your procedure, our administrative team will contact your insurance representative to determine your exact coverage amounts. Any personal financial responsibilities for BMP treatment will be reviewed with you during your consultation. For your convenience, Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Tysons Corner accepts several payment methods, including third-party medical financing.

Learn More

BMP signals your body to regenerate natural bone tissue and replenish the bone level required to support a dental implant. This advanced technique also minimizes the need to harvest large amounts of bone from the chin or other areas of the body. At Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA, our team is proud to offer the latest in cutting-edge care to deliver the best possible results for our patients. Contact our practice today to schedule your visit with Dr. Kuzmik.

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